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Partner Program

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Our company was founded in late 2006. At the moment HideMy.name is a leading service provider in Eastern Europe, providing the highest level of security, anonymity and the most convenient access to its services for the users.
  • From your client’s purchases
    You will receive 50% from purchases made by your referrals. VPN prices from $8 to $120 USD.
  • From partners’ sales
    Additional 5% from the sales made by partners brought in by you.
  • Advertising support
    Video, images, texts and banners of various formats for website posting.
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    You will be receiving earnings from the customer’s subscription renewals for the entire period of their use of the service!
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    HideMy.name has a good reputation with many positive reviews on the internet.
  • Easy traffic monetization
    The demand for VPN utilization currently includes almost all Internet users.
  • Impulse purchases
    There is a high level of impulse purchases due to affordable prices and a variety of payment methods.
  • Best conversion within the segment
    Convenient website and applications, high quality services and support – all of these encourage visitors to become clients.
Strictly prohibited
  • The use of direct links to our website in contextual advertising (Google Adwords, Yandex.Direct, etc.).
  • Brand contextual advertising (the use of brand-name keywords).
  • Any form of spam (through emails, forums, blogs, chats, social network messages, etc.)
Not accepted for collaboration
  • Websites and forums containing spam as well as content about burglary, fraud and other illegal actions.
  • Websites deliberately misleading users of our services.
  • Per an individual agreement: coupon, promo-code and discount sites.

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