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Partnership agreement

At the moment, a dynamic commission has been set from 25% to 50% from the sales brought in and 5% for the sales of the sub-partners you attracted.

The scheme for calculating a commission for new customers:

  • 50% for subscriptions for a period of 1 month (current tarrif on the website - 8 USD);
  • 40% for subscriptions for a period of 6 months (24 USD);
  • 30% for subscriptions for a period of 1 year or more (36–120 USD).

Commissions scheme for repeat sales to past customers:

  • 25% for subscriptions for any period (8–120 USD).

Purchases tracking from the moment someone clicks on the referral link is unlimited in time.

The client is linked to the partner according to the “last click” principle. This means that you will be paid commissions from purchases of the referred customer until the customer clicks on the referral link of another partner. At the same time, you can “return” the customer if he clicks on your link again.

It is important to remember that it is forbidden to use any illegal and unfair methods, including spam, to advertise and distribute a referral link.

The administration of the service reserves the right to request information about the location of the referral link from the partner to ensure that there are no violations of the product promotion rules.

Approval of a commission for each sale subject to the terms of the money back guarantee is made 30 days after the purchase.

This condition is necessary in order to avoid paying commissions for sales that were canceled under the "30-day money back guarantee" by the buyer you attracted.

The frequency of payments and approval of commissions occurs twice a month ( on the 1st-3rd and 15th-17th of each month), at the request of a partner and if there is more than $ 50 on the balance. More frequent withdrawals are possible with individual agreement.

If you have any questions related to the affiliate program and cooperation, use the feedback form with the subject "Partnership".

Good luck with sales!