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Affiliate Agreement

1. Terms of Work, Commission Accrual and Payment to Partners

1.1. Commission accrual scheme for new customers:

  • 50% for subscriptions of 1 month;
  • 40% for subscriptions of 6 months;
  • 30% for subscriptions of 1 year or more;

1.2. Commission accrual scheme for repeat sales to existing customers:

  • 25% for subscriptions of any duration.

1.3. We will also pay you 5% of the sales amount generated by the sub-affiliates you refer to us.

1.4. The customer is linked to the partner based on the "last click" principle. This means that you will receive commissions from the purchases made by the referred customer until the customer clicks on another partner's referral link. At the same time, you can "regain" the customer if he/she clicks on your referral link again.

1.5. Commission approval for each sale that falls under the conditions of the money-back guarantee is made 30 days after the sale is completed. This condition is necessary to avoid paying rewards for sales that were canceled by the buyer referred by you under the "30-day money-back guarantee."

1.6. The currency of the affiliate program is US dollars. When sales are made in other currencies, the amount is fixed in dollars at the current exchange rate. If more than half of a partner's sales occur in other currencies, payments will be made at the average dollar exchange rate to those currencies over the range of dates for which commissions are paid.

1.7. Payouts and commission approvals take place from the 1st to the 7th of each month upon a partner's prior request, and when the balance exceeds $50. More frequent withdrawals of earnings may be arranged on an individual basis.

1.8. The service is not a tax agent for partners. Partners are solely responsible for paying taxes in the country of their tax residency.

2. Prohibited Advertising Methods

Partners are prohibited from:

2.1. Using brand name keywords or derivatives thereof in contextual advertising (Google Ads, Yandex.Direct, etc.).

2.2. Distributing affiliate links through plug-ins/toolbars for browser extensions that allow cookies to be installed without the user's knowledge.

2.3. Embedding site downloads through iframe or img tags to install cookies.

2.4. Using browser and link redirects to install cookies, bypassing user interaction.

2.5. Using clickunders, popunders, exit consoles, 404 pages, and other types of advertising that do not require direct visitor participation.

2.6. Creating misleading teasers, pop-ups, and other ads whose content is irrelevant or whose description of the advertised service is exaggerated/changed.

2.7. Using retargeting/remarketing in any advertising systems without prior approval.

2.8. Placing ads on sites and forums related to spam, hacking, fraud, and other illegal activities.

2.9. Impersonating the advertiser: copying the official site, channel, or group on social networks, declaring oneself an official brand representative.

2.10. Sending spam in any form: email, forums, blogs, chats, messages on social networks.

2.11. Posting tasks for viewing, autosurfing, or performing any other actions that simulate real visitors on any platforms and exchanges.

2.12. Using any other dishonest methods that violate advertising and marketing laws or ethical norms.

2.13. Using promo codes in advertising that were not created specifically for you. If this violation is detected, commissions for orders with such promo codes will not be paid out. If you need a promo code for advertising purposes, please contact us to request the creation of a separate unique one.

3. Consequences of Violating the Rules

3.1. In case of suspicion of violation of the affiliate program rules, the service administration has the right to freeze payments indefinitely for partner verification with notification by email.

3.2. As a result of the verification, in case of violations, the partner's account may be blocked with notification by email, and no reward will be paid in this case.

3.3. The service administration has the right at any time to request from the partner information about traffic sources, advertising networks and exchanges, places of referral link placement, used advertising materials (texts, keywords, graphic and video banners), and other details to ensure compliance with the affiliate program rules.

3.4. In case of refusal to provide the requested information, we reserve the right to terminate cooperation with the partner.

3.5. In case of blocking the partner's account, creating a second account is prohibited.

3.6. The partner can be reinstated in the affiliate program if they eliminate violations and notify us about it.

3.7. After returning to the affiliate program, the question of payment for previously earned commissions is considered individually.

4. Use of Information

4.1. We may use the partner's email to send important notifications and news about the service operation, affiliate program, or changes in affiliate program rules.

4.2. If you have any questions related to the affiliate program and cooperation, please use the feedback form with the subject "Cooperation."